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Special Price AED21.00 Regular Price AED30.25
  • 91084 KAORIBAKO(91084 香り箱)
  • Manufacturer: SUGIYO CO., LTD.
  • Packing:240g
  • Expire Date : 18 January 2024
This is the best and highest quality crab cakes from Sugiyo, the first company to introduce crab cakes to the world. It was developed based on the image of "Kabako Gani", a representative of the winter taste of Hokuriku. The quality of this product, which pursues the taste of real crab, has been highly evaluated and has been awarded the "Emperor's Cup", the highest honor at the 2006 Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Festival in Japan. Due to its low fat, low calorie and high protein content, the value of crab cakes is attracting renewed attention.
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